Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Joint Terrorism Task Force decision for Portland is complicated, but a done deal

To say that the city's decision on whether to re-join the JTTF is a political hot potato is an understatement.  But, the city government has stepped up and gotten as close to a consensus as possible.  Dwight Holten, the US Attorney for Oregon, likes, and the ACLU of Oregon doesn't hate it.  The plan basically allows Police Chief Mike Neese to make decisions as to whether individual offers will be assigned to terrorism cases (which was outside of local control prior to 2005) and makes terrorism briefings from the feds to the locals easier.

It is likely that Dan Saltzman will vote against the measure for not going for enough.  Nick Fish won a lot of concessions from the rest of the council in terms of both stopping greater control of local police forces by the feds and removing more incendiary language from the resolution that Randy Leonard wanted.

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