Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bud Clark Commons toured by cynical journalists

The Bud Clark Commons was opened last week for journalists to take a peak at Portland's newest building for homeless people, leading to much snarkiness in the "if we build them homes, we can't call them homeless anymore" vein.   The Mercury has dubbed it the "Hobo Bellagio", presumably looking down their nose at it because it is not an Indie Rock venue, whereas the O highlighted the cost ($47 million) and the project's emphasis on providing shelter for homeless veterans.  Jack Bogdanski wonders if it will attract more homeless to the city.

I don't buy the idea that providing services for homeless people attracts more homeless people.  And even if it did, so what?  Portland should turn their backs on homeless people because Boise does?  Considering all of the other extraneous crap Portland wastes its money on, I commend Commissioner Nick Fish for seeing this project through.

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