Monday, April 18, 2011

ACS:Law, an English copyright troll law firm, smacked around by high court judge

ACS:Law is an English copyright firm which pioneered the "copyright troll" litigation strategies  in England that are currently being employed in the US.  ACS:Law was oft-criticized for naming the wrong people in their demand letters, and generally being unscrupulous.  ACS:Law basically shut itself down after receiving numerous complaints, from consumer rights groups to the disciplinary panel for solicitors up to the parliment.  Now, even though the law firm and its main clients are defunct, a British Judge has found that the individuals behind the scheme are liable for damages caused to consumers who received the demand letters.

It looks like this problem might be spreading over the pond as well, as Righthaven, a copyright troll in the US, is headed for a similar fate, after heretofore unknown documents indicate that it is not the proper owner of the copyrights it seeks to enforce.

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